Step One - Career Analysis
   Career History
   Track Record
   Success Stories
   Most Favorite Position
   Least Favorite Position
   Education Background

Step Two - Building your personal Job Search
   How to position your accomplishments
   How to present you to prospective employers
   Selling points to get companies to want you"

Step Three - Develop Marketing Plan
   Build a strategic road map

Step Four - Personality Profile
   Work environment
   Management style

Step Five - Interviewing Skills and Coaching
   Resume review
   Interviewing Style
   Next Step or release

Step Six - References
   Pre-select references
   Build a positive presentation

Step Seven - Job Offer Preparation
   Prepare for job offer and negotiations
      Uncover any "red flags"

Step Eight - Job Offer Acceptance
   Get to…."We want you" and "I accept"
   How to handle your resignation
   Confirm Start date
   Cover all details for the offer and acceptance

Step Nine - How to Handle Counter Offers
   Why did you begin the search process?
   What is the "real" motivation for the counter offer?
   What will your career look like in six months, one year?

Step Ten - Maintain Contact and follow up

   Follow up with after start date with you and the Company
      Make sure expectations are being met
      Coach you through transition and integration
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