Step One - Needs Analysis
   Company Information
   Candidate Profile
   Position Responsibilities
      Thirty, Sixty, Ninety Days - First Year
   Three most important problems confronting the successful candidate
      Thirty, Sixty, Ninety Days - First Year
   Background of last three successful "hires"
   Any specific companies - yes and no

Step Two - Strategic Road Map

   Where to go
   How to present the client company and the position
   How to present the position to create enthusiasm and interest
   Selling points to get the candidate to "yes"

Step Three - Search Assignment Profile

   Complete Job Description
   Personality Profile
   Job Requirements "Must Haves"

Step Four - Research
   Companies that might have potential candidates
   Job titles that perform similar tasks

Step Five - Go To Market
   Begin screening and interviewing process
      Client directed qualifying questions
      Skill Sets
      Personality based questions

Step Six - Present Candidates
   How the candidate fits the profile
   Why the candidate is interested
   Candidate availability to interview

Step Seven - Prepare Candidate for Interview
   Review job description
   Company history and environmental culture
   Unique challenges
   Background of Interviewing Team

Step Eight - Prepare Client for Interview
   What the candidate found interesting about the position
   Candidate's concerns
   What the candidate is looking for in their career path
   Review client companies interviewing process

Step Nine - Debrief Candidate
   What the candidate thought
      Positive and negative feed back
   Specific questions that need to be answered
   Assess interest
   Re-confirm all positive aspects of the position and company
   Interest in "next steps"

Step Ten - Debrief Client
   What the client thought of the candidate
      Positive and negative feedback
   Does the candidate fit - why/why not
   Next Step or release

Step Eleven - Reference Checks
   Follow client company guidelines for areas of concerns and interest
   Confidential references
   General references

Step Twelve - Job Offer Consulting - Candidate
   Prepare candidate for job offer
      Uncover any "red flags"
      Resignation date
      How to handle a counter-offer
      Desired start date

Step Thirteen - Job Offer - Client

   Review offer in detail
      Start date
      Review responsibilities
   Counsel Client on any "red flags" that will prevent a "yes"

Step Fourteen - Present Job Offer

   Get to..."Yes, I accept"
   Confirm resignation
   Confirm Start date
   Cover all details for the offer and acceptance

Step Fifteen - Maintain Contact and follow up
   Follow up with after start date with both Client and Candidate
      Make sure expectations are being met
      Make sure both parties are satisfied with their new relationship
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